ULM Baisy-Thy - Route de Houtain 5, 1470 Genappe

CHRISTMAS OFFER: Initiation to piloting in FK9 (45 min)

Discount -15%


The purchase of a diamond sympathiser membership card entitles a person to a free initiation to piloting as a co-pilot in an FK9 ultralight aircraft.  

Theoretical briefing, 45-minute flight and debriefing. 


After the theoretical briefing, you inspect the ultralight under the supervision of the instructor (preflight check).

Equipped with an intercom headset, you will take a seat in the comfortable cockpit next to the instructor.  

You take off the aircraft together with the instructor and once in flight you are the captain . 

You will hold the controls during the whole flight. Only on landing will the instructor take over the controls. 


Ideal as a gift. 
You will receive a boarding pass by email, non-nominative and without price indicated.

> This ticket is valid for 1 year <




All flights depart from Baisy-Thy. Located 20 kilometers south of Brussels on the Waterloo battlefield.


Flights can be made every day by telephone appointment on 067/78.02.47 if the weather permits.

What to provide

We make all the necessary material available.

Price : 127,50€
The boarding pass is valid for one year after issue.
The boarding pass is valid for one year after issue.