ULM Baisy-Thy - Route de Houtain 5, 1470 Genappe

Christmas Special Offer: Fly over the Waterloo battlefield in SV4 for 30 minutes.

Discount -15%


The Platinum membership card entitles you to a flight in SV4-RS, a fantastic replica of the SV-4b manufactured by Stampe & Vertongen from the 1930s onwards. The flight lasts about 30 minutes.

Discover the charm of biplane flying in this mythical Belgian plane which also equipped the French and British armies until the 1960s.


Rediscover the sensations of the fighter pilots of the last century in this incredible biplane with a classic train (tailwheel) and evolve, with your hair in the wind, in the surroundings of the Lion of Waterloo.


Ideal as a gift. 
You will receive a boarding pass by email, non-nominative and without price indicated.

> This ticket is valid for 1 year <




All flights depart from Baisy-Thy. Located 20 kilometers south of Brussels on the Waterloo battlefield.


Flights can be made every day by telephone appointment on 067/78.02.47 if the weather permits.

What to provide

We make all the necessary material available.

Price : 114,75€
The boarding pass is valid for one year after issue.
The boarding pass is valid for one year after issue.