ULM Baisy-Thy - Route de Houtain 5, 1470 Genappe

Fly in gyrocopter for about 25 minutes.

The purchase of a Membership card entitles a person to fly as a passenger in an autogyro for 25 minutes free of charge.


The autogyro (also known as a gyroplane or gyrocopter) is similar to a helicopter except that the main rotor is free.
It is driven by the speed and provides the lift of the machine.
The gyrocopter is propelled by a propeller, driven by the engine.

The sensations in flight are quite extraordinary. 
As the main rotor becomes almost invisible in flight, the visibility offered to the crew is unique and will allow you to discover the Lion of Waterloo region in the best possible way.



The closed cabin is very comfortable and if you wish (without obligation), our pilot will demonstrate the exceptional capabilities of the machine in terms of slow flight and short landings.

The gyrocopter is undoubtedly a flying machine that is still too rare and to be discovered by all enthusiasts!




All flights depart from Baisy-Thy. Located 20 kilometers south of Brussels on the Waterloo battlefield.


Flights can be made every day by telephone appointment on 067/78.02.47 if the weather permits.

What to provide

We make all the necessary material available.

Price : 140,00€
The boarding pass is valid for 2 years after issue.
The boarding pass is valid for 2 years after issue.