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JMB Aircraft VL-3

The VL3 is a high performance ultralight made entirely of carbon fiber and Kevlar.

Capable of reaching 290km/h, it holds 3 world records in the category of "two-seater ultralight".

The most impressive of these is the speed of 274.5 km/h on average over a distance of 15/25 km (FAI record).

Its strong points are

  • Its quality/price ratio
  • Technically one of the most efficient ultralights on the market
  • Cruising speed of +/- 270km/h thanks to its very aerodynamic concept
  • Consumption of only 7l/h when cruising economically at 180 km/h
  • Very short landings (less than 100 m with 55° flaps) thanks to a wide wing chord
  • Very low approach speed (85km/h)
  • Very high quality finish of the device
  • Large cabin (115cm) for comfortable travelling
  • Very spacious luggage compartment
  • Exceptional visibility

The figures

  • Wingspan: 8.44m
  • Length: 6,24m
  • Height: 2,05m
  • Wing area: 9,77m2
  • Range of action: 1,400 km
  • VNE: 305 km/h
  • Cruising speed: 265 km/h
  • Stall speed: 55 km/h
  • Climbing rate: 6.6 m/s
  • Tank capacity: 90 l - 120 l
  • Unladen mass: 290-309kg
  • Maximum take-off weight: 472,50kg
  • Rotax: 912ULS engine (100 hp)



The VL3 only runs about 100 m at maximum weight, and even 75 m if it is equipped with a variable pitch propeller. This is achieved thanks to its large flaps and wing profile.



The approach is made at 80 km/h, 20 or 30 km/h slower than its competitors.
Thanks to this low speed, it is quite capable of landing on 150 m runways.

Another strength of the VL3 is its large split-flaps, which, with a maximum deployment of 55°, allow it to go down to more than 2,000 ft/min.


The stall

The VL3 has a stall speed of 55 km/h, which is exceptional for an ultralight with such high cruising performance.

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