ULM Baisy-Thy - Route de Houtain 5, 1470 Genappe

40 years of Baisy-Thy

40th anniversary of ULM Baisy-Thy, Saturday 1 June 2024

Starting at 12:00 noon:

  • Glass of friendship and welcome to visitors from other flying clubs 
  • Presentation of the VL3 Turbine (first in Belgium)
  • Foodtruck

From 6pm (Only for members of ULM Baisy-Thy, registration required)

  • Inauguration of the new runway 
  • Pork on the spit
  • Open bar

Participation fee for the evening: 45 € p/p

Registration: https://forms.gle/rXBX1U7X1KY6y97d8